Baldness & hairfall have gained focussed attention now a days and are the burning topics of discussion. Every now and then, so called new remedies are emerging in the market and big companies  are flooding the market with new products. Needless to mention that these products are of little or no help at all, rather these shampoos/hairoils  being chemical based; deteriorate the problem further. The main reasons are that these products do not try to hit the root cause of hairfall, since it is not a disease in itself but the outcome of  malfunctioning of internal body mechanism of an individual. Moreover, almost all the shampoos and hairoils available in the market are prepared with different chemicals, known to the manufacturer only;  which are hazardous to hair. Even the so called “purely natural” brands have chemicals to great extant.

In India, the hairfall and baldness are the impact of adopting the western lifestyle.

Hairfall can broadly be summarized in two categories – the first one being genetic and the second one being the outcome of certain diseases, both internal as well as external. The external being infections like fungal or other micro organisms, psoriasis or other skin diseases. The Internal reasons however, are  the malfunctioning of internal vital organs, particularly LIVER, improper metabolism which adversely affects the nourishment of the individual. In ninety percent of the cases of hairfall the Lack of proper nourishment is the root cause of all such problems. Only a strong LIVER can cure hairfall & baldness.

Stressful & hectic lifestyle, irregular meal timings, junk and fast food are giving rise to irregular metabolism and therefore improper and incomplete nourishment. We have to treat this problem both internally as well as externally, for which the effective domestic remedies are given below –

1.First and the foremost is a regular lifestyle. Get up before sunrise, go for morning walk in the vicinity of plants and trees. Exercise Pranayam, inhale as much Oxygen as possible.  Drink three litres of water, stored in a earthen/clay pot overnight, during the day. Take normal traditional meals at regular intervals. No fast /junk food, preparations with Maida,sugar etc. Instead coarse flour, mishri, khaand, boora and chemical free jaggery should be consumed.

Try to strengthen the liver. Consumption of  coconut water twice a day and whey after lunch, are good for digestion. Moreover, consumption of fats should be kept as low as possible. All these things give great support to liver in performing it’s functions efficiently, which improves the required nourishment to the body and it’s beauty.    

2. Strictly avoid the use of shampoo or other haircare products. Wash hair with whey (Mattha) or Multani mitti etc.. Apply chemical free virgin coconut, aonla, sesame or mustard oil in clean & dried hair, particularly at bedtime.

3. For dandruff,  apply mixture of one tsp chemical free jaggery (Gud) and one tsp lemon juice  in hair and leave for half an hour then wash with normal water, once a week. This will keep away dandruff. Later on the frequency of this application may be adjusted to fortnightly or so. (tsp- teaspoonful)

4.In order to avoid harmful adulteration in market available hair oils, prepare Aonla (Gooseberry) oil at home. Take 500-600 Gms. fresh aonla, wash and make dry , grate, press and strain 250 ml. juice. Add  250 ml sesame /coconut oil or 250 ml. mixture of 125 ml each of sesame & coconut oil. Put in iron pan and boil at slow flame, till the whole  water of aonla dries up , allow to cool and strain. If fresh Aonla is not available, take 125 Gms. dry Aonla or it’s powder, add 500 ml. water and boil till half of the water dries up, now add 250 ml. sesame/coconut oil and boil at slow flame till whole water dries up. Allow to cool down,strain and fill in a glass bottle. Apply at bedtime and get miraculous results. This will blacken grey hair too.

5.To grow new hair on bald scalp take 2 tsps methidana (Fenugreek seeds) and 2 tsps kalonji (Black cummin), grind and mix well to make a fine powder. Add 50 ml. virgin castor oil and 200 coconut oil to this powder and store in a glass bottle. Keep this bottle in warm water for about an hour and then in direct sunlight for 10 days. Shake well and apply this oil at bedtime. Application of this oil will stop hairfall in a week and thereafter new hair will start growing. Miraculous results.

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