Fairness treatments

Since the time immemorial, the mankind has been caring about the personality. Although the complexion makes very little contribution in human appearance, yet it is considered to be the most important liking factor at large. Some effective remedies for making the face white/fair, shinning & glowing are given hereunder. Anyone of these may be applied, keeing in view the nature of skin i.e. dry or oily. It is added that for getting the desired lasting results, a regular application would be of immense help.  These treatments also help remove dark spots, pimple scars, pigmentation, tanning on face & dark circles below eyes. 

These remedies are equally effective for girls, boys, men & women alike. It is also important to note that direct  exposure to afternoon sun must be avoided. Apply  any of these remedies in the evening so as to finish the process before going to bed. It is advisable to wash face with mild soap and make dry before application.

1.Take 4 teaspoonful raw milk , preferably cow milk  in a bowl; raw milk contains certain enzymes useful for skin, which are destroyed on boiling. Now add 1 table spoonful fresh aloevera gel , if fresh gel is not available, readymade packed  gel, preferably chemical free, may be used.  Mix well  and now add 1 table spoonful rose water ( Rosewater acts as cleanser) , again mix well. This mixture can also be used as frozen ice cube. Apply on face and neck with cotton softly for 4-5 minutes. Allow to dry up for half an hour and then wash with normal water.                                       

2. Take besan (Gram flour powder) 1 teaspoonful in a bowl and  add half teaspoonful honey, mix well and add half teaspoonful lemon juice. Mix all well. Now Add half teaspoonful curd,  again mix all well and add half teaspoonful  maize flour  powder. Mix again well. Leave the mixture for half an hour,then apply on face and neck with the help of cotton. Leave for an hour, then wash with fresh water.

3.Take 1 teaspoonful curd in a bowl, add 1 teaspoonful aloevera gel and mix well now add 1 teaspoonful maida and again mix well, add qtr. teaspoonful haldi (Turmeric) powder and again mix well. Apply on face, leave for half an hour then wash with fresh water.

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