Gums are soft tissues which bind and support teeth. Healthy gums are very important for healthy teeth and mouth. Following are some home remedies which are very effective  for all types of Pain & inflammation and other problems of gums.

1.Chhoti Harad (Terminalia chebula) 20 gms.,Badi Harad 20 gms., Kali Mirch (Black pepper) 10 gms.,Kala Namak(Black Salt) 10gms. Jaaiphal (Nutmeg) 1.  Tamp (Hammer or Koot), grind,mix all these ingrdients & filter in a cotton cloth to make fine powder. Take 1 chutki (Pinch) of this powder 4-5 times in a day. It will cure all gums related diseases and keep the stomach clean.

2.Take 5 teaspoonfuls mustard oil, add 1 teaspoonful glycerine & 1 teaspoonful sendha namak(Salt). Mix well. Rub on gums for 5 minutes, twice a day & then gargle with lukewarm water. This is very effective in teeth & Gums problems.

3.Keep 5 – 6 peeled garlic buds on a dry and clean cloth. Sprinkle some drops of water on the cloth & tamp (hammer) well. Make a small bundle of it, bring near nose and take strong & deep breath for 3 – 4 minutes. Repeat it for 3 – 4 times during the day. Toothache & gums pain will vanish.

4.Take 5 – 6 guava leaves tamp (Hammer) them, add 1 clove and half teaspoonful sendha namak. Boil this mixture in a glass of water till water remains half. Filter it, and  Gargle with this water. This is the best natural gargle. It will also cure mouth sores and bad smell of mouth, besides gums pain.

Pyorrhea is a disease of teeth & gums. A fatal infection that damages gums and may destroy the jawbone. Blood and pus comes out from gums. If pyorrhea is not cured timely, it aggravates and results in tooth fall.

Take tobacco 10 gms., roast on tawa till it turns black, Now grind it to a fine powder. Also grind and mix Sendha salt 5 gms.& Phitkari(Alum) 5 gms.and make a homogenous mixture with tobacco powder. Take this mixture on palm, pour 5-6 drops of lemon juice on it, mix well and apply & massage on gums & teeth slowly with finger. Do it  in the morning and before sleeping at night for 10 minutes. Then wash mouth with water. Within 2-3 months gums & teeth become strong and bright. This method may be slightly inconvenient for the persons who donot chew tobacco and the chidren. Feeling of giddiness shall be there in the beginning. Later on the body will adopt the inconvenience. Also please ensure not to swallow it while applying on the teeth. This method wil definitely cure pyorrhea.

Apart from pyorrhea, there is one more method to keep teeth strong.Take clay or wet soil from a well irrigated  field , place it in a water filled bowl so that tiny stones may settle down. Take stone free wet soil, apply & massage on teeth & gums. It will make gums & teeth strong , white & bright. Tested widely & proved.

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