Haemorrhoids (Hemorrhoids) also known as piles; are the swollen or enlarged veins or blood vessels in the lower most part of rectum. Constipation, diarrhea and sitting on toilet seat for long, are considered to be the causes and factors responsible for it. Fibre intake and drinking fluids provide relief. Haemorrhoids may be internal as well as external. Following domestic treatments may be applied to get rid of the problem completely or substantial relief in very chronic cases.

1.Apply  virgin Coconut Oil  on the affected part with clean fingers twice or thrice a day, until you get relief from pain and lumps; which will completely disappear after it’s application for some days. Applying virgin coconut oil relieves itching and burning sensations. It also gives relief from inflammation and pain.  Virgin coconut oil is a wide range antimicrobial agent.

2. Witch hazel – Take witch hazel water . Soak a cotton ball in witch hazel water and place on the affected part for some time say 10-15 minutes or so;  three to five times in a day; It will remove irritation and inflammations caused by haemorrhoids. It will also stop infections.

3.Radish – Grate a radish and extract some juice.  Sip half cup ful radish juice two times in a day. It’s unpleasant bitter taste may pose some difficulty in consuming initially, but with some strong feelings can be sipped. Start with small quantity and gradually increase to half cup. It will improve digestion and cure constipation, which is the major reason of piles.

4.Aloe vera – Apply aloe vera gel on the affected part in case of external piles, two to three times a day. However in case of the internal hemorrhoids, remove  thorns of aloevera, clean and cut in small pieces and place its leaves in fridge for 3 hrs. and after that place this cool pulp in anus for some time. The anti inflammatory properties of aloe vera juice gives big relief from hemorrhoids.

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