How to cure Ringworm completely

Ringworm ( दाद ) is a contagious skin disease, caused by a fungal infection. The name of the fungus is “Tinea”. It spreads on direct skin contact with the infected person or animal or infected surface even.

Symptoms of Ringworm

  • It creates round painful pimples or red spots/patches on the skin, with strong & irritating itching.
  • It causes a strong urge for scratching. Once you start scratching, there is a continuous urge to scratch.
  • On the scalp, it may have patches of hair loss or baldness on the affected part.


The best precaution to keep Ringworm (दाद) under control and not allowing it to further spread is to keep the affected area clean & dry. It must be washed with soap & water and thoroughly make dry with a clean cloth.

The moisture helps it spread faster.

NOTE: Exposure to the direct sunlight for at least 20 minutes a day, is very important & effective in-home treatment of Ringworm (दाद).

Home Remedies to cure Ringworm

Some of the home remedies for Ringworm ( दाद ), are mentioned below. Any of these may be applied:

  1. Take Green doob Grass ( Cynodon dactylon), harad (Myrobalan), sendha namak ( Rock Salt) & Tulsi (Basil) leaves in equal quantity. Grind all and mix well to make a paste.
    Mix little Haldi (Turmeric) powder with this paste and apply and rub on daad.
  2. Take Nausadar(Ammonium Chloride) 10 gms.and Potassium permanganate 2 gms. and mix with little til tel (Sesame oil) to make a fine paste. Apply this thick paste on daad.
  3. The coconut oil is very helpful for Ringworm on scalp. It has very strong antifungal properties. Wash hair, make dry and apply coconut oil as frequently as possible. The coconut oil freezes at low temperature, so warm it slightly before applying on the scalp. It melts on the human palm at body temperature as well.
  4. The turmeric & Aloe vera also has strong antifungal properties. Peel off aloe vera and take out its pulp, mix equal amount of turmeric powder well. Apply it on the affected area frequently or at least three times a day. It will immediately give a soothing effect and stop the frequent urge of scratching. It will be more effective in sunlight.
  5. In case the Ringworm is very old & has become almost incurable, take methylated spirit 200 ml., salicylic acid 25 ml., lemon oil (Oleum linonis) 25 ml., all easily available on the chemist shop.
    First mix methylated spirit with salicylic acid well and then mix lemon oil well. Store in a glass bottle. Apply this mixture on daad. It will create inflammation, which should be borne, but it will definitely cure daad. It is very effective in curing daad or ringworm.

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