How to stop greying of hair

Modern hectic and irregular lifestyle is giving rise to so many health problems. Consumption of non-nutritious food particularly the faulty fast food, especially the junk food, contaminated water, improper rest as well as lack of exercise, work-related and domestic stress, coupled with the environmental pollution have led to the metabolic disorders in human bodies.

This has resulted in the rise in a number of cases of different types of sickness in the human body. Excessive use of synthetic chemicals, artificial lotions as cosmetics and beauty products both in male as well as females etc. have further aggravated these and started developing deformities in human bodies. Greying of hair, particularly the premature greying is one such deformity.

Given below is the effective remedy for restoring the original colour of growing hair, which can be easily prepared at home.

  • Take 20 gms. leaves of Mehndi (Henna), Neem(Azadirachta indica), Ber (Plum), Pudina (Mint) each & 20 gms. of Amarbel (Cuscuta reflexa).
  • Wash well and grind on manual Stone grinder sprinkling water droplets, so as to keep them moist. This will prepare a thick paste.
  • Now put this paste in an iron pan, add 200 ml. coconut oil and heat till the paste becomes completely black and oil starts bubbling.
  • Cover the pan & Place at a safe place for three days. Now filter it in a dry and clean cotton cloth and store in a glass bottle.
  • Take out some of this oil in a glass bowl and apply with fingertips slowly at hair roots at bedtime.
  • Hair must be completely dry.
  • Massage with fingertips for 20 minutes. This will help in the growth of black hair and keep the head cool.
  • This will also help in sound sleep & cure sleeplessness.
  • Do not use any other oil, soap, shampoo etc. during this treatment and wash hair with Multani mitti only.

Try to live a healthy lifestyle, with nutritious food, timely sleep & exercise. Keep Oxygen producing plants in the bedroom, living room and workplace.

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