Nature has gifted us a vast treasure of invaluable things in the form of vegetation and a beautiful body to enjoy & relish this treasure. We may enjoy this immense treasure as long as we are healthy & observe the principles of nature.

Living healthy with nature & without medicines, is generally the prime aim of every individual. No body wants to fall sick. It gives freedom from so many unforeseen health problems which are common in today’s hectic lifestyle. The aim must be to remain healthy, instead of falling sick & take medicines or long expensive treatments thereafter. Our daily routine as well as the air,water & food, we intake, must energise us to remain healthy without requiring any medical assistance. The basic aim must be not to fall sick.

Living fit & fine is not a very complicated concept, or very difficult exercise; but a very simple and easy to follow system. The only thing is that we must understand what nature wants us to do in our daily life from getting up in the morning to going to bed at night.

Fundamentals of Falling Sick

The reasons of falling sick may be summarized as:

i. Intake of food at irregular intervals must be avoided. Always take food at regular intervals.

ii. Mutually contradictory food items. Like milk & curd; onion & milk; jackfruit & milk; sour fruits & milk, Urad daal & curd etc. should not be taken together.

iii. Food prepared in refined oil, refined salt, refined sugar, refined flour (Maida) etc. should not be consumed. Pure cow ghee; pure oil of mustard (in North India) /coconut (in South India)/groundnut (Gujarat) i.e.oilseeds, grown Locally; saindha salt or kala salt; mishri, boora, khaand,gur or jaggery should preferrably be consumed, Wheatflour with choker or coarse grains’ flour & raw pulses must be used in preparation of food. It is advisable that the flour of wheat, barley & gram should be mixed in equal proportion for preparing meals.

iv. Adulterated milk, oil, spices etc. must not be consumed. These items work as slow poison. Purity of milk, oil & spices must be ensured.

v. Excessive use of fertilizers,insecticides,pesticides etc, on the food crops which ultimately we intake, make our food poisonous. All possible care must be taken and Organic food items must be consumed.

vi. Use of the Aluminium utensils as well as the pressure cooker for cooking food. Aluminium pots must be avoided. If possible, the food must be cooked in Earthen (clay) pots.

The Preventive or Precautionary Approach

The first & foremost is Always be Cheerful. A happy mind does not allow diseases to make body sick. No pessimistic thinking must be allowed to enter into the mind. Further, every care must be taken to avoid sickness arising out of the factors given in the previous paragraph.

Preventive Habits – Go to bed early & Get up as early as possible in the morning, before sunrise ; after 6 – 7 hrs’. sound sleep.

  1. Apply saliva in both eyes, like kajal as well as on any scar on face or any other part. This will sharpen the eyesight & erase the scar; slowly.
  2. Sip 2 to 3 glasses of water ( Preferably warm) very slowly, in at least 5 minutes, mixing saliva well; this is very vital.
  3. Go to toilet, try to relieve normally, without exerting abnormal pressure. Wash face & feet thereafter. Fill water in mouth & sprinkle cold water on open eyes by hand, for at least 2 minutes; this will keep your eyesight fine.
  4. Go for walk for 2 to 5 Kms. as per convenienve; preferably in the vicinity of trees or plants. Then practice Pranayaams & mild exercises for half an hour. Start Pranayaams with chantimg of “AUM” for two minutes. The major Pranayaams are Bhastrika, Kapalbhati, Anulom Vilom, Vahya & Bhraamari etc. Pranayaams should again be followed by chanting of “AUM” for 2 minutes. If so required , Pranayaams may be done first & walk later. Chanting of GAYATRI MANTRA for 5 minutes would be of immense help. Recent studies have shown that chanting of AUM & GAYATRI MANTRA activates mind to a great extent besides infusing energy in the body.
    Sit in direct SUNLIGHT bare bodied ( with essential clothes only) for 15 minutes.
  5. After about an hour, take 2 anjeers (Figs) & 5 munakkas, soaked in water overnight and sprouted whole moong & black chana (gram). Regular breakfast of seasonal locally grown fruits or raw vegetables, with 1 – 2 chapatis,as per personal habits may be taken after a gap of 2 hrs.

Breakfast should be followed by seasonal fresh fruit juice. Lunch should be followed by mattha ( Whey) and dinner by a glass of warm milk.

Breakfast should be heavy, lunch light & dinner very light.

If it suits, take dinner straight after a heavy breakfast, within 8 hrs. skipping lunch.

Now Start your day, cheerfully. Always be Happy and keep others Happy.

To lead a long healthy life, try to keep the level of glucose, triglycerides & insulin in the blood at minimum. Take less cereals & carbohydrates, but more vegetables and more exercise.
Give yourself the blessings of being “SHATAYU BHAV” i.e. Healthy living for 100 years.

ESSENTIALS of Drinking water Try to drink 2 to 3 litres of water in a day. Water should always be drunken in sittng posture, never in standing posture. If possible, Water should normally be stored in earthen pots. Earthen pots filter the water, naturally.

Sip at least 2 glasses of water, preferably warm, immediately after getting up & before going to toilet. Water stored in copper vessels overnight may be prefered.

Please note, water should be sipped very slowly, say 5 minutes, mixing saliva well. This is also a very good remedy for obesity. Overweight shall be reduced substantially within 5 – 6 months.
Never drink water immediately after meals. A gap of one and a half hr. to 2 hrs. should always be there.