Natural Treatment for Gall Stones

Gallstone is the deposit of hard substances of bile in gallbladder fluid. It can sometimes block the bile duct and so cause abdominal pain or biliary colic. The presence of gallstones refer to cholelithiasis. The consumption of high fibrous and low carbohydrate diet, helps prevent the formation of gallstones.

The best course to get rid of the gall stone/s or kidney stone is to drink 3 to 4 litres warm water slowly sip by sip; mixing saliva well during the day.

Start with drinking 3 to 4 glasses of warm water in the morning immediately after getting up.

After an hour, take young desi cow urine with the equal amount of water. Repeat it in the evening too.

However the following natural remedies are there; anyone of these can be used:

  1. Vegetables’ juice help in removing gall stones.Take half cucumber (kheera) with peel, half bottle gourd (lauki),half carrot, and half redish with some leaves. All app. 4-5 inches long. Mashe (Ghiya kas) all , keep in a cotton cloth & squeeze; take out juice,add some lemon juice and Sendha salt. Drink this juice, about a glass full,empty stomach in the morning. It will enrich & empower the bile and remove gall stones. Care must be taken that bottle gourd must not be Bitter.
  2. Take 7 Pishauri almonds,(soaked in water overnight,peeled in the morning), 7 munakkas (seeds removed), 1 teaspoonful melon seeds (Kharbuja peeled seeds), 2 green ilaychi (Cardamom),1 teaspoonful ground desi mishri. Pl. note that only the almonds are to be soaked in water,overnight. Put these all in stone kharal,add one glass water and continuosly crush for about half an hour. Now filter it well and drink the juice slowly sip by sip, empty stomach in the morning daily.

    The solid residue may be consumed by someone not suffering from gall stone, or cattles or thrown away, but not by the gallstone patient, it may worsen the problem. Results will be visible in a month. Complete removal may take 3 to 4 months.

Avoid fried,spicy & heavy food etc.& strict “NO” to the junk food.Take lauki(Bottle gourd),torai,tinda(Apple gourd),vegetable soups etc.

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  1. Very Nice initiatives for the welfare of the human beings.
    I am also the patient of stones in gall bladder as well as in kidneys and will start it.

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