The scars on the face, left after some viral fatal diseases like small pox or normally occurring pimples or acne give an ugly look to one’s face. Although the human body & skin attempt to repair these unpleasant deformities by developing new cells and tissues over a period, yet in order to accelerate the process of repairing, certain additional steps may be taken.

The following remedies can help a lot. Anyone of these may be applied for faster results:

  1. Mix Multani mitti powder half teaspoonful with half teaspoonful Ghulab jal or Rose water, now add 5 drops each of glycerine and lemon juice. Multani mitti powder may be added suitably. Apply this paste on face daily and wash with lukewarm water when dried.
  2. Grind raw potato to make paste,now mix 5 drops of glycerine & little Ghulab jal or Rose water to make it a face pack. Apply this paste on face, massage well and wash with lukewarm water when dried.
  3. Take Majeeth (Rubia cordifolia), grind and make fine powder. Mix Milk cream or malai & apply and massage on face. When dried, apply kunkumadi oil and massage for 4-5 minutes. Wipe with clean wet cloth.
  4. Mix Curd with Besan & prepare thick paste, now mix half teaspoonful Haldi powder and one teaspoonful Coconut oil or Olive oil. Add 5-7 drops of Lemon juice and mix well. Apply on face & massage. Wash with lukewarm water when dried. This will also remove wrinkles, freckles , spots and cleanse the face.
  5. Apply and massage pulp of ripe Papaya on face. After 15 minutes,wash with lukewarm water. The face will become clean,spot free, shinning and bright.
  6. Take some neem leaves,crush and grind to make paste,now add equal amount of fresh Aloe Vera gel,mix well and apply and massage on face for 5 -10 minutes. After half an hour, wash with lukewarm water.

The regular application of any of these remedies will definitely remove facial scars and leave a glowing face. Of course it will take some time as per the condition of the patient.

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