Useful Home Remedies for SCIATICA (GRIDHRASI)

A severe pain, moving from lower back to the back of the whole leg. In fact, there is a nerve, called sciatica, from the hip joint (Sacral plexus) to feet soles, & thumbs. The radiating pain in this nerve, arising out of any pressure, is known as sciatica pain, also known as sciatica neuritis.

This pain is so sharp that it is unbearable. The pain becomes worse during night i.e. while sleeping. Weakness or numbness in some part or back of the whole leg, may also be there. The patient feels very uneasy and suffers chronically.
Causes – The main reason of sciatica is the degenerating effect of age on joints & bones.

Some exercises, specially designed for sciatica may help. Also it is better to place a pillow beneath the knees while sleeping. Elevating the knees help in minimizing the pain.

Following two home remedies are there. Any one of these may be applied:

  1. Take 250 – 300 gms. leaves of Har Singar or Parijat or Shefalika (Nyctanthes arbor-tristis) tree, remove dust,wash well with water. The tree Har Singar, also known as Night Jasmine is easily identifiable. It has small white flowers with saffron or orange stalk (calyx). Boil these leaves in a litre of water. When two third of water remains, allow to cool down and filter. Throw away the boiled leaves. Now add 1- 2 gms. Kesar, mix & shake vigorously and store in a glass bottle. Take 100 ml. of this water three times a day, preferably half an hour before meals. For best results, drink this water in place of normal water as & when there is urge to drink water. Continuous intake of this water for 20-25 days, will permanently eradicate sciatica. This has been tested on thousands of patients & the results are miraculous with negligible failures. Curing time may vary from patient to patient.
    Please note that parijat leaves loose this curing property during spring season i.e. before autumn. So not so effective during springs.
  2. Take old root of milkweed or calotropis (aak) plant, clean the soil, wash well with water. Boil 50 gms. of this root in 100 gms. water. When half of this water remains add 50 gms. of wheat grains and boil till water dries up. Now make these grains dry in sunlight.
    Grind these dried grains to make flour. Make properly cooked (neither under cooked nor over cooked) bread of this flour.
    Consuming this bread for a month or so, will cure sciatica completely. It will also cure arthritis, joint pains, old Vaat rog etc. Flour for a month, i.e. 1500 gms. may be prepared accordingly.

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