Cure Dysuria by Simple Home Remedies

Continuous walking, moving or working in bright & scorching sunlight & excessive heat and/or excessive consumption of the heat-generating foods adversely affect urinary bladder functions and creates inflammation with or without pain, in urination.
It gives urine a pale colour and urination becomes painful with inflammation. On exerting pressure, urine passes in drops and sometimes is blocked. This is also called ‘Inflammation & Blockage of Urine’.
Frequent consumption of water in excess of thirst and emptying of the urinary bladder may help to some extent. It is worthwhile to mention that normally 10-12 glasses of water should be consumed in a day. Regularly taking Lemon juice mixed water with or without sweetener also helps in curing this problem. Taking garlic is also helpful in some cases.

The natural remedy which can easily be prepared at home is given below.

• Take Kalmi shora (Salt Peter) 25 Gms., badi elaichi ke daane ( Black cardamom seeds) 25 Gms., Toned cold milk and cold water.
• Fine grind Kalmi shora & cardamom seeds, to powder, mix & store in a bottle.
• Now mix well one glass milk (100 mls.) with two glasses of water (200mls.) and shake well vigorously making it to 300 mls.
• Keep this milk in three different glasses of 100 mls. each.
• Take one teaspoonful of powder, followed by/ with one glass of water mixed milk. This makes one dose. Take first dose at 8 a.m.,second dose at 2 p.m. with one glass milk and third at 6 p.m. with the remaining milk.
• Having taken this remedy for 2 – 3 days, the inflammation, blockage & pain of urine is removed completely and urine flows freely. This will also cure acidity related serious problems & mouth ulcers. Use cold water in summers & lukewarm(Boiled) in winters.

Precautions To Be Taken

• Ensure to Avoid spicy food, red chillies, liquor, tea, coffee etc. Heat generating or heavy foods, which are difficult to digest.
• Take easily digestible foods. Lead a healthy lifestyle.

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