Treat Cervical Spondylitis by Yourself

The age-related problem, though it may occur in early stages too. Kind of Osteo or Rheumatoid Arthritis. Stiffness, numbness &/or pain in the neck, shoulder, arms, head etc. Dizziness in the head. Oedema in joints etc. are the main features. There are numerous reasons for cervical spondylitis like continuous bending forward or sitting in the same posture for a long time. Primarily, it is VAAT janya problem. Increase in VAAT in an individual gives rise to Cervical Spondylitis.

Regular intake of CHUNA (Lime) equal to the weight of wheat grain with little water or curd, daily morning helps a lot. Also lying with face upwards on a tough surface & keeping the head below the surface, is very helpful. This can be done as many times during the day for as many duration as suitable to a patient.

For effective treatment of Cervical Spondylitis, three steps are there; besides the two small activities given above.

First is Sikai – Cold sikai with ice in a bag in summers & hot sikai with a little salt mixed hot water in a bag in winters. Second being the neck & shoulder exercises and simultaneous regular massage (Given below at A). Third, being the domestic herbal preparations as medicines for intake ( Given below at B).

A. Massage Oil

  1. Take 4 garlic buds, crush & heat in 2 spoonful desi ghee. Allow to Cool & filter in a cotton cloth. Apply this oil on the back of neck & shoulders and massage upwards.
  2. Take Aswagandha, Garlic, Haldi all 20 Gms. each. koot (Hammer) all & boil in 100 gms. desi ghee; when 2/3rd remains, allow to cool; filter & store in a glass bottle. Apply this oil on the back of the neck & shoulders upwards, twice a day.

B. Medicines

  1. Take 2 garlic buds, haldi & ginger pieces of 1-2 inches each and Ajwain ¼ th teaspoonful. Koot (Hammer) all, add 1 cup of water & boil well. When half of the water remains, add honey or salt as per your taste. Drink it lukewarm, after meals, twice a day. Avoid intake of any food for 1 hour thereafter. No pain killer required. Or
    (2). Take Gond kundru( Gond salakhi), Gokhru, Aswagandha, in equal quantity; mix & grind well. Take 1 tsp of this powder with warm milk twice a day.

Intake of chuna, massage (anyone of the aforesaid A) and oral medicines (any one of the aforesaid B) for 90 days will permanently cure Cervical Spondylitis. Use the collar during continuous bending. Garlic, Milk with gur, Milk with haldi etc. help & supplement the treatment.
Avoid – Fridge water & cool things, lassi etc. and use of Pillow aggravate the problem.

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