Important Eye Care Tips

Eyes are one of the most important and useful part of the body. Taking care of the eyes, is also equally important; so that they function efficiently and effectively for whole life.
Here are some simple and beneficial steps for keeping a perfect eyesight & vision:

  1. Apply saliva in eyes, immediately after getting up in the morning. After 5 minutes, drink two to three glasses of water; normal or lukewarm and proceed for toilet as usual.
  2. After toilet, fill water in mouth in full & sprinkle normal cool water on both eyes for at least 2 minutes, Both these steps are very useful for eyes’care .
  3. Apply and massage cow ghee or mustard oil on feet soles for 15 minutes each before going to bed in the evening.
    However during Summers, Mehndi paste may be applied on feet soles before going to bed in the evening. It will keep eyes cool.
  4. Apply Honey in eyes like Kajal in the morning as well as before going to bed at night. Honey will keep eyes clean, healthy and beautiful.
  5. Pain, inflammation in eyes due to heat effect- Take red Phitkari (alum) 10 gms. roast on fire, make phitkari phoola. Grind & make powder , mix 10 ml. Ghulab jal(Rose water) and store in a glass bottle. Apply 2 drops in eyes twice a day.
  6. If the eyes are tired, place boiled (cool) tea leaves in a thin, clean cloth on eyes & keep lying for half an hour. Put 2 drops of Ghulab jal(Rose water) in eyes before sleeping. Keep cotton dipped in ghulab jal on eyes and keep lying for half an hour.
  7. Shatawari (Asparagus) root’s powder is the best for eyesight. Mix 1 teaspoonful Shatawari Powder with 1 teaspoonful boora/khand/gurr(Jaggery) & take this mixture with lukewarm water, empty stomach, twice daily.

Fruits & Vegetables, containing Vit. A , like carrot, tomatoes,apple, papaya & mango should be regularly taken.All these steps will keep eyes cool, fresh, free of tiredness with a perfect vision and eyesight for ever.

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