Home Treatment to cure Infertility in Women

There are numerous reasons which cause infertility of women. However here the focus is on the Infertility due to irregularity or abnormality of menstruation i.e. menstrual cycle.

The irregular menstruation can be regulated by a regulated life style. Drinking of 2.5 to 3 litres lukewarm water daily, 2 to 3 glasses immediately after getting up; Intake of country young cow urine preferably fresh, Regular Yoga & Pranayaam, exercise, intake of nutritious diet full of vitamins & minerals; are some of the steps,which help a lot. Yoga and Pranayaam provide strength to the body by faster purification of blood. Care must however be taken to perform in a non or less polluted area, like in the close vicinity of trees or garden. In case no such place is available; keep some money plants, snake plants, Areca palms, Aloe vera and spider plants in your living room and do Pranayaams. It is not difficult to have these plants. Also the regular sunlight must be taken daily morning for about half an hour. A regulated & healthy life style removes body toxins, regulates metabolism and keeps a perfect body mechanism.

However the most adverse critical factors are STRESS, DESPONDENCY & DEPRESSION. Please ensure not to keep them with you. Remember a sound mind keeps a sound body and mechanism. Also try not to be jealous with anything. Try to keep yourself happy without any reasons.

Following two effective home remedies are there, either of these two may be prepared and used:

Fry Asgandh (Withania somnifera) powder 10gms. with little ghee on tawa on low flame. Take this mixture with warm milk (mishri mixed) after 3 days of beginning of menstruation to 7 days, twice a day, every month. OR
Take Ras Sindur, Jaiphal(Nutmeg), javitri(Mace or Myristica fragrans), lavang(Clove), kapoor(Camphor), keshar(Saffron crocus) & rudravanti (Cressa cretica) all 10 gms. each. Hammer & grind all of these with shatawari (Asparagus) juice or kaadha in a kharal. When well mixed, make balls of 1 ratti ( 0.12 gms.) and make dry in shade, avoiding direct sunlight. Take one ball with warm milk (mishri mixed) from 4th day of beginning of menstruation for 7 days, twice a day, for 3-4 menstrual cycles.

This compound is also available in market as “ Garbha Dharak Yog”. Although this compound made by any reputed manufacturer/s of Ayurvedic medicines may be purchased, yet it is always advisable to make it yourself.
Menstration must be regular & normal for conceiving. For regularizing the irregular & abnormal menstruation, Ashokarishtha, Tonic F 22 and Laxmana loh are very effective drugs, which must be taken under supervision of an experienced Vaidya or ayurvedic chikitsak.

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