How to get rid of KIDNEY STONE completely by yourself

Kidney stone (Pathri) or renal calculi has become a very common disease nowadays. It’s formation takes place due to metabolic disorders in the body. Insufficient water intake is largely responsible for its formation.

Basically it is formed from Calcium Oxalate besides so many other minerals in small quantities.

There are effective home remedies to remove kidney stone or pathri, given below:

Regular consumption of 75 -100 gms. fresh Jamun (Syzgium cumini) fruit per day, during the season, gives immunity from the formation of kidney stone for the whole year.

  1. Take 50 Gms. Soft & fresh leaves of Babool (Acacia arabica), & mix with fresh curd 250 gms. well. Eat this curd chewing well. This is to be done three times a day. Drink water in excess of the natural urge to drink. Fresh curd is required every time. For getting fresh curd, make curd in three different bowls, use one bowl at a time. This process will break & remove pathri with urine in small pieces within 4-5 days.
  2. Take Daroo Haldi (Berberis aristata), Tamp (Koot) & grind it to make a fine powder. Now put 1 teaspoonful of this powder in one glass of water and boil it well so that the water remains almost half i.e. about a cupful. Filter & sip half of this water just before meals & the remaining half should be taken in the middle of meals. Do it Three times a day. Pathri will be removed with urine in small pieces in 4-5 days easily or with bearable very mild pain.
  3. Take seeds of Raddish & Carrot 10 Gms. each, Small Caltrops (Gokhru) 20 Gms., Jawakhar (Yavakshar or Pearl ash)) and Lapis judaicus (Hajrul Yahood) 5 Gms. each.

Tamp, grind and filter all these in a fine cotton cloth and make a fine powder. Make small packets of 3 Gms. each of this powder. Take 1st pack in the early morning, second in the forenoon and third one in the afternoon at 4 p.m. with water mixed milk.

Also make kadha of Horse Gram (Kulthi or Macrotyloma uniflorum), by boiling 20 Gms. Kulthi in 2 glasses of water, when about half remains, let it cool down. Drink this Kadha in the morning as well as in the evening at bedtime.

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