Cure Psoriasis through home remedies

Psoriasis is the result of auto immune disorder. Rashes on the skin is the general symptom, however sometimes skin cells form itchy dry patches,pink scales & flakes.

Although not contagious, yet gives a feeling of keeping off the patient. The patient also suffers from mental agony and psychological stress & disorders.

Detoxification of the body is the only remedy. Use of Steroids makes it resistant to treatment.

Following domestic remedies shall be of immense help & may completely cure it in due course.

  1. Apply saliva on the affected part well on getting up in the morning. After sometime, drink slowly one litre Luke warm water mixing saliva well. Take normal routine. Don’t let constipation take place, care for this to be taken previous evening. For details, please refer to the article on constipation. Although slow but definite results.
  2. Apply young desi (Country) cow urine on psoriasis. Take early morning urine of a young cow, preferably fresh
  3. Do pranayaam for at least half an hour. Pranayaam is basically faster purification of blood through speedy & prolonged Oxygenation of blood in lungs.
  4. Morning sunshine on body for half an hour.
  5. Mix Neem oil or Tubrak oil with virgin coconut oil ( free of scents), equally. Apply this mixture on the affected parts after bath and at bed time.
  6. Drink Coconut water twice a day. It will remove digestive tract infections whatsoever. It will also keep the level of acidity in the body,balanced.
  7. (i)Drink mixture of Aloe Vera juice, Aonla (Goose berry) juice & Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia) juice; three spoonfuls each, twice a day before meals. OR
    (ii). Mix & grind Anant mool (Hemidesmus indicus) & dry Giloy,250 Gms.each.Take one spoonful of this powder twice a day after meals with lukewarm water.
  8. Take Thuhar (Euphorbia Nerifolia or Milk hedge) thorny stem, about 9 inches to 1 ft. long, place in a plastic bag and hammer, take out it’s milk. Mix this milk with mustard oil, about one fourth quantity of the milk; and heat at low temperature till the milk is evaporated & only the oil remains, cool it down and apply on affected part,twice a day. Preferably after taking bath and at bed time. Skin should be completely dry before applying. This oil will completely cure psoriasis in a fortnight or so.
  9. Take til oil (Sesame) and coconut oil 100 Mls. each,mix well both these oils homogenously. Now take Neem leaves and aloevera gel 25 gms.each and Marigold flower petals 50 gms.Mix all three well and cook in oil mixture till marigold leaves turn black. Cool it down and add 1 teaspoonful ground turmeric powder and one ground tablet of pure camphor. Shake vigorously. Now Filter this mixture in a cotton cloth and store in a glass bottle. Apply 2 -3 times on the affected part.
  10. In case of the psoriasis with Watery discharge, bleeding and itching, take marigold flower petals, turmeric powder and country cow urine in small quantity so as to make a fine paste. Apply 2-3 times on the affected parts. Let it dry and expose to the direct sunlight.

All these remedies are equally very effective in curing Eczema & other skin diseases, completely.

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