Full Treatment of Eczema by Home Remedies

Eczema (also known as Atopic dermatitis) is a painful, itchy inflammatory skin disease which is quite difficult to cure. It makes the skin rough and red cracked.

Eczema is of two types: Dry & Wet

Wet eczema is more painful. Generally, it occurs on hands and feet and gives immense pain, unbearable inflammation & itching. Eczema spreads to other parts of the body by fluid secreted by it.
Causes – Eczema may be genetic as well as acquired. It may also be caused by disturbances in the immune system. Stress is also responsible in some cases.

Remedies to Cure Eczema

Following three remedies are found helpful in curing Eczema, (anyone of the following may be applied):

  1. Take Milkweed or Calotropis plant (Aak) leaves’ juice 750 gms., Turmeric (Haldi) powder 10 gms. and Mustard oil 100 gms.
    Place the mixture of all these three ingredients on mild fire. When only the oil remains, add 20 gms. melted wax. Now mix sulphur (Gandhak), roasted Borax (Suhaga), roasted alum, Black pepper powder all 5 gms. each and make a thick paste (Malham).
    Apply this paste on eczema twice a day but particularly at bedtime. Eczema will vanish completely & cured.
  2. Place Karanj (Millettia pinnata) seeds in water for two days. Peel the seeds, mix with goat milk, grind vigorously, make fine paste and store in a copper pot.
    This can be stored for a week. If it dries up, mix goat milk suitably. Now boil neem leaves in some water for 5 minutes, allow to cool down and wash eczema wound with this water, wipe with a clean cloth and apply the paste on eczema affected part. This should be done three times a day and also before sleeping. This paste doesn’t leave spots on clothes.
    Relief will be felt from 1-2 days itself and eczema will be cured within a week or fortnight.
    Please note not to apply soap on eczema.
    Also ensure to avoid spicy food, mirch & khatai in meals. Salt intake should also be reduced.
    Do not wear nylon socks, rubber shoes and chappals.
    Simultaneously, fry some soft neem leaves in ghee and eat twice in a week. This will also eliminate eczema germs from the blood.
    Karanj trees are available at almost all the places, the tree bears legumes, which have seeds in it. The seeds of these legumes are used to make medicines.
  3. Take Gallnuts or Majuphal (Quercus infectoria) 5 pieces, Arecanut or Supari 5 pieces, Kuchla (Strychnos nuxvomica) 5 seeds, Saurahi kaudi 5 pieces, Ras Kapoor 20 gms. Safed Khair 5 gms., Dead Shankh 5 gms., Chhoti Ilaychi seeds 5 gms., Pure Chameli Tel 50 ml.
    Place all these ingredients in an earthen cup (Kulhad), place an earthen lid on it. Seal the lid by kneaded flour and place the kulhad in the fire till it turns red hot.
    Now remove it from the fire, allow to cool down and remove the lid. Take out the ashed contents, grind to make a fine powder. Now mix Chameli tel to make it a thick paste. Apply this thick paste on eczema twice a day. It will permanently cure eczema within a week.

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